I'm one of those amazing lucky people to have a SMARTBoard in my classroom, and it is so very cool!  I totally heart mine; what a great way to involve the kiddos in a lesson!  There are many good websites for teachers to share SMARTBoard files.  My favorite lately?  The SMART Exchange.  Check it out!  :)
I do enjoy using SmileBox to make a cute year-end collage or slide show to tell about a recent field trip, but I always stuck with the free account since I'm a frugal person.  (Read: "cheap!")  Super happy news - SmileBox is giving teachers a free account for a year.  Just Google "smilebox for Teachers" for more details.  Smile on!  :)
Wow... so I really heart the state of Florida, but truly only because of this website.  I mean I lived there for a little bit during my childhood, but it didn't make much of an impression on me.  However, this website from the Florida Center for Reading Research absolutely rocks!  Try out any of the student center activities here, and you'll be hooked, too!
My second grade team has been talking lately about ways to expand our students' vocabularies...  Here are several of my favorite Mentor Texts for Vocabulary Instruction:

  • Miss Alaineus a Vocabulary Disaster, by Debra Frasier. 
  • Donovan's Word Jar, by Monalisa Degross
  • Frindle, bu Andrew Clements
  • Fancy Nancy, by Jane O'Connor
Sooooo, every time I'm asked about the mini lessons to use during Daily 5, I recommend this website.  It breaks down common mini-lessons by grade level and give a suggested timeline for teaching the concepts.  Be sure to bookmark it, as you will find yourself referring back to it often!  :)
Oh, to be Irene Fountas or Gay Su Pinnell!  Their books are so amazing, as they offer such insight into literacy development in young children.  You can access the printables from their book, Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency, here (Graphic Organizers) and here (for Forms and Resources).  Enjoy!
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