Poor old electronics... get left in the junk drawer or the garage... nobody notices them anymore.  Until now!  I asked friends/family on Facebook for their old mp3players, and rescued one from my dad's junk drawer.  I loaded it with the CDs for the vocabulary readers that came with our reading program, put a copy of each book in a bucket with the player, and voila!  The most popular listening center ever was created!  So... now I'm on a mission to liberate a few more older mp3 players to create more listening centers.  I've put the word out to parents via emails and our newsletter, and hope to get at least 1 or 2 more.  My struggling readers are really enjoying the vocabulary readers, and they are providing them with needed background information.  Hope that helps someone out there!
Sooooo...  Ever have the feeling that the blogger you've been stalking following really knows you and the problems you face?  I was reading The Clutter-Free Classroom, and her post about Math Workshop Rotations.  I nodded along as I read, thinking, "she understands!"  Check out her method of organizing Math Workshop rotations here!  I especially adore the way her rotations spell the word MATH.
  • M=Math facts
  • A=At your seat
  • T=Teacher's choice
  • H=Hands on manipulatives
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