I heart XtraMath.org.  It's a free online math program that allows kids to practice their math facts at home or at school.  It self-adjusts for their level of expertise with an operation, and spends more time reviewing/reinforcing the math facts they haven't mastered rather than making all students go through the agonizing all too familiar process of the weekly test of 1s, 2s, and 3s.  Just to be clear - this is not used until we have the conceptual understanding of addition/subtraction; this is to improve automaticity and recall.  Rather, my students treat this as a daily "Math Vitamin," and practice for 3-5 minutes daily.  Since we have 4 computers in our classroom and 30 minutes when students are arriving, turning in work, working on the problem of the day, etc., the students are responsible for taking their "math vitamin" before lunchtime daily.  That way, they are not penalized if their bus was late; they just work on it during their independent work time.  They offer a tutorial online, and it's free.  I showed XtraMath.org to the Math Coach for our school, and she loved it; she encouraged all of the upper grades teachers to use it.
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