Comprehension Freebie... Just Because I Like Y'all

Just because it's Monday... a freebie for you!!  :)  

I created and used these Reading Speeds posters often with my reading remediation groups in grades 2-5.  It was astonishing to me to see how many students did not know that there was more than one way to read, and how you read depends on your purpose.  For example, you scan a menu when you want to see if they have your favorite enchiladas, but you read a new novel by your favorite author very differently.  (Download all 5 posters using the links below.)
If you give them a try, I'd love your feedback!  :)  Click here to download from TPT, click here to download from Teachers Notebook.  Don't forget - I'm hosting a giveaway with my teaching buds Casey (2nd grade Math Maniac) and Cassina (Field of Poppies).  Click on the button to go to the giveaway page!!

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