Working on Words Activities (& a Quick Sale!)

Omigoodness, y'all!  Ever had the feeling you already told someone something important, but then... oops! you actually forgot?   I thought this was just limited to my personal life, as I continually forget to give phone messages or tell the specific time I'm going to meet someone.

Long story short - it's crept into my blogging life.  I thought I already did a post about Working on Words Activities, but realized I must have imagined it, instead!  ;)

Here's my newest activity packet: Work on Words Activity Cards and Printables.

This set is perfect for 1st/2nd grade and easily adaptable for K and 3rd.  All of these activities work with any word lists. You decide if students use: word wall words, spelling lists, seasonal words, or even vocabulary lists for math, science or any academic area.  Just print and cut apart - you're ready!

This packet includes: 
24 Different Work on Words Task Cards
3 Pages of Letter Tiles
24 Printables - 1 per Task Card (Some printables are more than one page)
Introduction/Printables/Credits cover pages

For some Tax Day relief, this set is 20% off today.  Click here for TPT and here for TN.  Happy Sunday!  ~Jen
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