Clopening Begins

Arrgh!  Nope, that's not my pirate voice (but it's pretty similar!)  I found out last night for certain that I must track in and out of my classroom next year.  What's that, you ask?  Well... here's the skinny; I teach at a year-round school, which means we can hold 33% more kiddos in our building.  We do this by having 4 tracks, and everyone except the principal and a few selected teachers (art, music, p.e.) follows one of the 4 tracks.  The upside, I get a 3 week va-cay at the end of each 9 weeks.  The downside, there are always 3 tracks in.  Meetings happen without you, your email is full when you return, and now I will be "homeless" when I'm tracked out, and need to move into a different classroom when I track in.

Yep.  It's basically as confusing as it sounds.  Totally worth it to work with my teammates - we're the A-Team in terms of getting along (no drama!!), analyzing data, and now, we'll be tops in tracking in and out!!
So now the Clopening begins in earnest.  Not only are we closing this year (13 school days left!), but we're planning in earnest to open next year, since we begin July 1.  Ick.  It will be all right...  It will be all right...  It will be all right... Breathe... ok.  I'm better now.  Moving on...
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