Panic List Time, Randomness, and a Freebie

{{whisper voice}} 22 days left until the end of the year.  Not that I even acknowledge this with my students.  My kiddos are so restless right now, they might go full-out native if I let them know their time with me is ticking away.  Besides, we still got work to do!!  :)

Right now, I'm entering Panic List mode.  It's like a To Do list, but on steroids.  Since I'm at a year-round school, we "clopen" our year; we close one year while prepping for the next.  It takes a bit of getting used to, and I'm hoping I'll get used to it soon.  I was in a meeting this morning where our Literacy Specialist began telling us about the kids coming to us in July.  I can't handle this new information yet, as my brain is already full... Just let me finish this year with my sanity in tact.  Thus, the Panic List.  This is the list I add to in the back of my plan book for things I should do to be ready in July.  Here's a little peek:  (no particular order - panic has an aura of irrationality already!!)
  • Learn the Common Core curriculum.  We're implementing this next year with no transition year from the NC Standard Course of Study.  Joy.
  • Reread The CAFE book by the sisters.  Implement this past the first 1/2 of the year.
  • Choose a classroom theme...  I'm thinking safari!
  • Team Teach or not?  (We still haven't decided!)
  • Resign myself to implementing Words Their Way again next year, and really, I *should* learn to use it effectively.  ;)  It was super helpful to my kiddos last year, but I was trying to focus so much on math this year (cause I'm not fantastic at teaching math!!) so I slacked off on their spelling.
  • Format all of my Mystery Word of the Week activities so I can consistently use them throughout the year.  (Also, this would help me out as so many people have asked for more from my TPT store!)
  • Figure out if I'm moving in and out of my classroom next year.  Arrgh!  {Yes, I made a pirate noise... maybe my theme should be pirates?}
  • Clear out the clutter in my classroom.  Since I might be moving rooms, it would help me tremendously to have my materials pared down to the stuff I will use, instead of the past 13 years of teaching supplies.  Many of them are still in my attic.  Maybe I should have a yard sale?
  • Have a yard sale... or just FreeCycle my old teaching stuff.
  • Copy my beginning of the year packets before we run out of copies... if I can get my act together.
  • Create my supply list, because it needs to be available for Meet the Teacher in a few weeks.  {gulp!}
  • Enjoy my class for the last 22 days!!

That was a bunch of randomness...  here's a freebie!  If you haven't checked out my Mystery Word of the Week activities, here's a week for free.  Click the picture to download, and leave me some feedback to let me know what you think.

Happy Wednesday.
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