Summer Lovin'

Don't judge, but the song Summer Nights is stuck in my head today.  
File:Grease ver2.jpg
I've loved this song for ages, even though I had to break it off temporarily after working in a tex-mex restaurant that had karaoke 4 nights a week... I heard Friends in Low Places and Summer Nights sung off key so many times I lost count.    I'm loving being tracked out, but July is coming up fast... too fast.

Confession time - look away, because this is just too embarrassing... I went to school this morning.  {gasp!}  I know; it's a perfectly good Sunday morning, and I went in for an hour to clean out my mailbox and see if my classroom is still as clean as I left it.  (There were rumors about a carpet-cleaning crew coming in and moving all of the furniture, but it looked ok.  Maybe they forgot to clean my carpets??)  Anywho, my room still looks intact, I tracked down my Donor's Choose package before it ended up being distributed to another class, and I watered my plants.  It felt good.  There - I said it.  It was reassuring.  

The problem is, I go back for workdays July 2.  Students arrive July 9.  While that is an entirely different month than June, I can't help but notice that June is slipping on past.  No point in dwelling on it, 'cause I'm 
going to shop and be a mom today.  Possibly exercise, but probably not.
Please give me an excuse to avoid the gym today.
My bloggiversary is coming up soon, and I'm putting together some *huge* festivities!  So far, a dozen bloggers are contributing, so keep tuned!  If you're interested in helping me celebrate, just let me know.  Enjoy your weekend!!
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