Currently... O-Mi-Goodness

I know.  Most of you are in the last throes of the summer break.  I just finished the 4th week with my kiddos, and I'm working on interims for my students.  Uggh.  I'm about to get 13 parents who won't understand why their green bean is struggling in the new grade, but we just switched to the CCSS curriculum, which is definitely more rigorous. 

Anywhoo... I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently:
My Back 2 School Must Haves:
Daily 5/CAFE - read the books from the Sisters!!
Mystery Word of the Week -  I am going to improve the vocabulary of my students with these!!
Mystery Number of the Week - I'm trying to incorporate more best practices in math, so these should be perfect!!!!

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