Tie-Dyes, The Fair, and Mustaches!

Omigoodness, y'all!  I have been so busy lately.  With all the upcoming stress coming next month (round 2 of report cards, our first standardized test - yikes!, and the mid-year AIMSweb testing - now including math - with no extra training!)  I figured we could use a bit of fun!  One of my students' uncles donated white shirts for our class.  I decided we needed to tie-dye them!  Exhausting, but worth it...  No pictures, naturally, since it looked really cool, especially when we had them all lined up on the fence to dry in the sun.

Over the weekend, I went to the State Fair with the family...
Lovin' the giant Adirondack Chair! 
I moustache you a question...
Later, going through Wal-Mart, what should I come across...
Yep!  Mustache decals and an owl banner.  50 cents each.  {Happy Dance}  The large mustache might make it onto my new (to me) car.  All those Camrys look the same - I need some character for mine, and a mustache might do the trick.

Happy Teaching!
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