Free Bubble Sheet Generator

Sadly, I spent a couple days last week teaching my 2nd graders to bubble so they can take a standardized test the week after Thanksgiving.  Fun way to spend the week before track-out, right?  ;) 

Anywhoo... I found this cool bubble sheet generator from Catpin Productions.  I'm not the world's biggest supporter of multiple-choice-only tests, but facts is facts, and my 2nd graders don't need to learn how to bubble during the test.  I like the option to create only the number of questions as the actual test contains; there won't be any extra answer lines.  Also, I'll be revisiting "What Mrs. Sykes Can't Do."  Last year when giving this test, we had tears, students on number 45 when there were 40 questions total, and students under the table.  Wish me luck!!  What do you do to prepare for standardized tests?
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