Me: "Say it with me, class.  Sabbatical.  It means I'm not going to be a teacher for a while, but I'll come back the next year."
Precious #1: "Are you having a baby?"
Me: "No."
Precious #2: "Are you sure you're not pregnant?"
Me: "I'm positive."
Precious Group: "But Mrs. Sykes, what will you do?"

Rest, Refresh, Regroup, Relax, Recharge, Rewind, Refocus...  All of these are on my itinerary for the coming year.  This is a decision I did not make lightly, but did with much contemplation.  I love teaching.  I am really good at working with students.  I big, pink, puffy heart love my teammates!

I just need a break.  For me.  I've shared my past struggles with depression, and I know that this is something triggered by living in a state of stress.  I'm hoping that a few months to a year of recharging time will help me better deal with stress in the future.  Luckily, my hubby has convinced me that we will not starve without my paycheck, since we all like mac and cheese, Ramen noodles, and good old beans and rice.

 I'll still create for my teacher friends, and I'm truly hopeful that my dream job will open in a few months, and I can fulfill my inner literacy geek destiny.  For me, I need to take the time to live a more balanced life...  family, marriage, friendships, work, play - they all need to balance out a bit more in my life.

Hugs to you all for coming with me on this amazing journey...  Thank you!
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