Summer Reading

Ummm, yeah.  I am that person.  The one who loves to read.  At the pool, at the beach, in the car, before I go to bed, you get the idea.  
Through all of the modeling of reading behaviors my kiddos get -naturally - a love of books.  The challenge with my kiddos is to keep them excited in new and different topics, since they love a "Reading Rut."  With that in mind, here are a couple of my "Go-To" lists of books to keep my own kiddos engaged all summer long!!

67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10 - Love this list!  Our family is working their way through this list.  Yes, even the Lord of the Rings.  My hubby and daughter read it together at bedtime.   Top Books of Bullying Prevention for Mighty Girls - Love the empowering titles, and the reminder that all girls can be mighty girls.

100 Greatest Books for Kids, from Scholastic's Parent and Child Magazine - This list was created by parents, for parents.  Sure, Charlotte's Web and Goodnight Moon are on the list, but so are some you may have forgotten about.

The Guys Read Virtual Vault of Good Books - From Jon Scieszka.  He is awesome.  'Nuff said.

Your Next Read - I've blogged about this site before.  Click here to see it in action...

101 Chapter Books to Read (or Hear) Before You Grow Up - A fun list with a bunch of favorites (old and new!)

Happy Summer Reading!!

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