Currently September

Really?  It's September?  How did that happen?  My Sabbatical has been great, but I'm heading back to work in a bit...  I'll tell you more in a bit.  First, it's time for Currently with Farley...
Listening:  Aren't you glad Jon is back?  If you don't know what I'm talking about... no worries!  It's the Daily Show.  :)
Loving:  Mavis!  My new fur baby.  Here's a pic of her from my buddy Casey.  She's super cute!
Thinking:  I got a job!  I know I've been on Sabbatical, but I had an amaing opportunity land in my lap.  I'll be an Intervention teacher for grades 3-5.  I'm super excited, and have been Pinning away on Pinterest.  :)
Wanting:  'nuff said.  I need to take time for myself.
Needing:  a Laundry Fairy.  {Maybe I'll have my kiddos do it...  yeah, right!}
{Puffy Heart}:  Daily walks - with Miss Mavis!; Occasional Meditation; I'll start drinking more water, since I'm no spring chicken!!
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