Idioms, Close Reading Guide, and a Freebie!

Y'all, what a week!  I've been running ragged trying to get things done before returning to work soon, but I wanted to share some info really quickly... Here goes:

I am so excited to share both of these resources with you!!  Here are my newest task cards... Idioms - Task Cards, Scoot, Assessment.  My classes have always enjoyed playing Scoot with task cards, and I always loved that it helped my kinesthetic learners (who have a difficult time staying still - just sayin'.)  A one page assessment is included, too.
Click here to view on TpT, Click here to view on TN
Also, I finished a huge labor of love for me - my Close Reading Guide for grades 3-6.  It is a compilation of strategies for teachers to begin implementing "Close Reading" strategies a little at a time, using the texts that you already use in your classroom.  Enjoy!!
Click here to view on TpT, Click here to view on TN
Here's a quick freebie to compliment your Text Talks...
Click to download from TpT, Click here to download from TN
What day is it?  :)  This camel makes me happy.  Every.  Time.

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  1. Hello dear Jen,
    Sometimes idioms are quite tough to remember for kids. I am sure that your "Idioms Task Cards" would make idioms more interesting and easy for teachers to teach. Good stuff, keep it up.
    Thank you.


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