I hope all is well with you, teacher friends! In NC, we are in our 2nd week of snow days, and cabin fever is settling in. Last weekend, I escaped the snow for a few days in Atlanta. It was a blast...
A *huge* group of amazing teacher-bloggers!
I visited the ExExpo, and it was amazing!! Can you tell I was having fun? (More on this to come!!)
Rockin' in my EDExpo shoes with Pete the Cat!
For now, I'm off to fill my cart!! Seriously, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale!! Most stores (including mine) have all items priced at 20% off. For an additional 10% discount, use the code "HEROES" at checkout. Click the button below to visit my TpT Store! Enjoy!!

 Hello Mrs Sykes on TpT

I am super excited about attending EDExpo 2015 this year! In just a few weeks superintendents, curriculum coordinators, and retailers of educational brick & mortars and online stores will meet in Atlanta, Georgia for the premier showcase of educational supplies, materials, furnishings, and products.

What will I be doing there? I'll join a group of educational bloggers in sifting through the amazing school products. Our job sounds fun: Find the latest and greatest products you just have to get for your classroom. Challenge accepted. :)

I am looking forward to meeting the bloggers, scanning the aisles for cool tools for school, and visiting Atlanta. I'll fill you in after EdExpo!

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