Fidgety Kiddos Need Busy Fingers

Do your kiddos have trouble with paying attention? Most of the time, it's because they need to fidget. When able to twiddle a pencil, squeeze a stress-ball, or wiggle their toes, focus usually improves. I know that for myself, too. When I was at the EDexpo last month, I was instantly drawn to this booth, with all of the fun textures.

The Fiddle Focus booth (click here to visit their website) was a favorite of mine. One of their products was awarded the Teacher Trendsetter award at the 2015 EDexpo. Click here to see the other items in the top 10. :)

Today I want to share a really cool product I have been trying out, called Busy Fingers! (Giveaway at the end of this post!)

Busy Fingers for fidgety kiddos
 Here's a close up:
Rich textures are great for sensory learners
Attach it under the table with velcro. If needed, kiddos can carry it with them to other classrooms.

Velcro under the table for easy access
 The velcro is securely attached to the back.

Fiddle Focus also makes a portable version, called Busy Hands, perfect for younger kiddos.
Busy Fingers and Busy Hands are make in the USA, and can be machine washed/dried
Want to get one of your own Busy Fingers? You can order directly from their website: Visit them on Facebook to learn more about supporting fidgety kids, too.

How about a Giveaway? I've fallen into a routine of giveaways on Wednesdays and Saturdays lately, so here's another one! Today, I've got a Busy Fingers to send to a winner. Try it out with a fidgety kiddo, and try out any product from my TPT store, too! Entering is simple - check out the Rafflecopter below.
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