Y'all, I have been getting crafty with my kiddos! Well, my version of crafty. I'm a walking ad for a Pinterest craft fail, and I've burned myself with a glue gun more often than I really want to admit over my teaching career. You know how that is, right?

I hate photocopying stuff for kiddos to cut out, as it seems to waste a lot of ink, energy, etc. Ellison Education to the rescue! They sent me an AllStar SuperStar Machine last month, and I have been having a blast! Check out our projects in the pictures below:

Hello Mrs Sykes ~ Ellison AllStar SuperStar #Giveaway and a #Freebie!
Have you heard of Rock ‘N Learn? They integrate learning and music in a fun way. Why is this important? When working with kids, I found that most preferred a song to a lecture or pop quiz, and these fun apps, DVDs, and CDs from Rock ‘N Learn are a good choice.

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