What do YOU Make?

Home today with a sick kiddo, but I DID run in for an hour this morning to prepare the classroom for the sub... and then I ran back by this evening to pick up a few things I had forgotten for the weekend.  I had some very nice surprises waiting for me, and wanted to share.

First, my substitute (who is one of our absolute *best* subs, and subs at our school all. the. time.) left a note saying she was so happy she picked up the job because they are the best class in the school.  <<warm fuzzy heart>>  She apparently also shared that observation with my principal, who came through the class in the afternoon just to "peek in."  Yay!!  :) 

Then, as I was leaving, I ran into 2 of my kiddos in the after-school program.  I got to meet their parents.  You know, the parents who just don't have the time to come in.  Ever. Cause they're really, really, really, really busy.  Both of the parents gave huge compliments about their progress this year, said they love coming to school again, and thanked me for everything I was doing for their child.  <<swoon>>  I felt like I hit the jackpot of Teacher Appreciation. 

Then I come home and read Jen's post at The Teacher's Cauldron.  She shared this video, and it reminded me of what teachers REALLY make.  I couldn't resist, so I'm passing along the love.

You make the biggest difference!!
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