Monsters and Mystery Words

I have some terrific supportive parents in my class this year!  One of my parents sent in a *huge* box of envelopes, along with a craft suggestion: Monster bookmarks that eat your page!  Love it!  Here's the examples my student brought in from home:

Scary Teeth!
Here's what we did:
1. Seal the envelope closed.  
2. Cut the corners off, making sure each corner is big enough to decorate.

Cut the corners
Make 4 per envelope
 3. Use a contrasting color paper to create teeth, eyes, etc.
We traded the scraps from our envelopes to make teeth!
  4. Get out of their way!  The kids had such great ideas!
We scrounged around in the recycling bin for small scraps, too!
adding teeth
I was informed that this one is a ninja
Sorry for the glare - they were in a ziplock bag to go home
Variety of fangs and teeth
5. Remind them to use them on a book!  :)  We did figure out that they make cool finger puppets, too.  Just   sayin'.
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