Am I the only one who procrastinates when there's serious work to be done?  I'm talking "8 days of school left, have to finish report cards and assessments because kiddos take them home on the last day of school, but I'm blogging instead" kind of procrastination?  {It makes me feel better that so many of you raised your hands!}  For real, I have had 2 sick kiddos of my own for the past 2 weekends!  You know, when I was actually planning to do some of my paperwork.  Being a mommy to sick kids comes first, tho.  Maybe the pediatrician can write an excuse note for me to put in the report card envelope...  "Your child's teacher was unable to complete the report cards since she was taking care of her own sick children.  Now she is poolside."  Naturally, I'm kidding; no doctor I know would sign that!!  ;)

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