Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Currently...

I had some fun putting together Teacher Appreciation gift baskets for my daughter's teachers.  They aren't completely finished, but I'm sharing the pics anyway...
The basket :)

A peek inside - subway art, colored dry erase markers, shaped sticky notes, and scissors in a red plastic bucket.

A pic of the subway art.  My personal fav.
Here's the skinny - I shopped  stalked the Staples ads for the dollar specials, and picked up the post-its, scissors, and markers for $1 each.  Not too shabby when you keep in mind that I make 2 for my daughter's teachers and 3 for my son's teachers.  The plastic buckets came from Dollar Tree.  The frames came from WalMart, and the Subway Art is available online here from eighteen25.  If we have time tomorrow, we're making a bit of homemade goodness (cookies!) for the baskets, too.  Super cute, eh?

Wait... is it really May already?  Must be time to link up with Farley!!  Seriously, now that my students are trained to change the calendar, the Currently keeps me on the correct month.  :)  Here's my contribution:
My pagent title takes just a small bit of explanation.  Really, I try to hold in the sarcasm at school.  I do try.  Sometimes I just can't help it, though.  Anywho, we were at an afternoon staff development meeting, and I ended up presenting our contribution since Casey hopped up to hold the poster, leaving me to awkwardly stand up and share.  I meant to leave out the running commentary on best practices vs. district expectations... really I did.  (Y'all, the job market is bad right now, and I don't want to lose mine.)  Really.  (Lots of reallys - I'm sounding like my 2nd graders!!)  Long story short, I went up to the ultra-nice staff member who was leading the staff development afterwards and apologized, explaining that I was trying to hold the sarcasm in, but I failed.  She was super sweet, and told me that she was happy I got a laugh on a Friday afternoon when people are stressed and tired.  Lesson learned - next time, I hold the poster!!  Someone else can talk.  :)

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