Happy Monday, y'all!  Here's a quick "Mini-Pack" of 12 Task Cards, covering these ELA standards from CCSS:  RF.2.3a, RF.2.3d, RF.2.3f, L.2.4 a,L.2.4d, & L.2.4e.

Click the picture to download from TpT!

Also, I finished my Author's Purpose Task Cards for CCSS RI.2.6.  Click on the picture for more information...

I decided that this month I needed to have a bit of fun with my kiddos.  Things have been a bit, ahem, stressful lately, so I took action.  I've started doing a bunch of craftivities, we tie-dyed shirts, and I gave them a Literacy Project for the month that lets them dress in costumes!!  :)  Love, love, love how excited they are about it.  If you'd like to check it out, click on the picture below for a free download.
Download for free here!
Includes CCSS correlations!  :)
Spider Week
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Oh, I am so excited to do a thematic study with my green beans!  We are studying spiders!  :)

I'm using Reagan's Spider Week activities!
I also made some of my own Spider pages for y'all.  Here's a link to a freebie filled with Spider papers for primary and intermediate grades.
Download here free from TpT
Enjoy!  :)  Feel free to visit me at my buddy Casey's new blog, Second Grade Freebies!  Be sure to follow this blog, as Casey is going to have a lot of second grade teachers contributing!
Second Grade Math Maniac
Time for Currently with Farley!  Wow this year is flying by!!  :)

I'm a big fan of Eve Bunting's books, and I adore A Turkey for Thanksgiving!  There are always a few kiddos who don't know the surprise at the end, and it is priceless.
From Amazon here
Also, I'm happily linking up with Learning is Something to Treasure with a Freebie Flashback.

My Freebie Flashback comes from March of this year, and is pretty popular - maybe you've seen the Pin?  No?  Well click here to see it for yourself!  :)  It's a Guided Reading "Cheat Sheet" for grades K-5.  Enjoy!!
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Are you ready for Fall in your classroom?  Any advice to keep me sane organized?
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