My Kiddos Crack Me Up :)

My green beans have really been making me laugh lately...

Kiddo (with an apprehensive look): "What is Gooey Dance?"
Me: "I don't know.  What is Gooey Dance?"
Kiddo: "Mrs. Sykes, it says on the schedule we have Gooey Dance tomorrow.  I don't know how to Gooey Dance."
Me: "We are having a Guidance lesson tomorrow.  No worries!"  :)

Kiddo #1: "Do you know who you're going to vote for?"
Kiddo #2: "My dad said I should vote for Omaha {{Obama}}, but I don't know yet."
Kiddo #1: "You need to vote for Omaha if your dad says to.  He's probably right."
Kiddo #2: "I know, but the other guy is named Mitten.  That would be pretty cool."

Hope all's well with all of y'all, and the folks impacted from Hurricane Sandy can begin returning to a bit of normalcy soon - know that you're in our nation's thoughts.
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