Currently... Ramblings... {with Extra Ellipses!}

It's officially December, since Currently is here!!  I seem to be addicted to ellipses lately, so...

My family is amazing.  Right now my kiddos are running around giggling like mad.  It can mean they are playing... (fingers crossed) or they've just done something I'm not supposed to find out about...  I'll just believe they are giggling because they are playing!!  ;)

My awesome team mate, Casey, is the person who single-handedly saved me yesterday.  Thankfully, she planned an amazing afternoon of craftivities for our classes to do as we became "roomless" before dismissal.  {I work at a year-round school, and I had to move out to give the next teacher an afternoon to move her stuff in... make a seating chart... ya' know)  It was awesome!!  All activities came from the unit by MOM Printables.  I can't tell you how great it was to sit back and watch over 40 kiddos work away at this.  :)  Highly Recommended!!

I'm trying to think of some additional fun activities to do with my family this month... every year we do an activity advent calendar in our home, with some silly activities (dance to Christmas music!) and some service activities (buy gifts for a family in need) and some old favorites (drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie).  Ideas, anyone?

Wanting - a new cell phone...  Specifically, an iPhone.  Issue - they are crazy expensive, and I'm kinda broke cheap frugal.  My phone still works fine.  Oh, well...  Maybe it'll stop working one day and I'll need a new phone.  What I really need right now is to spend some quality time with my neglected coupons, and save some money on the grocery bills.  (Maybe enough to justify a new phone...?)  What are y'all up to CuRrEnTly?
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