Currently April!

Yay!  April is here, and it was over 70 degrees today in NC.  It's a happy day to link up with Farley!

My hubby plays guitar.   I may have mentioned this before - and I am loving it.  We have music in the house all the time, and it's definitely a good thing for our kiddos - they are very musical.

I bought a laminator, and I love, love, love it!  It's a Crofton from Aldi (love that store!) and it was marked down to $12.99.  Laminator love... a beautiful thing.  Here it is in action:
laminating my Context Clues task cards
laminating Tick Tock time cards from Christina Bainbridge
Truly, I was able to spend some time reflecting this weekend on the blessings in my life - there are many.  I need to remember to focus on my blessings.  :)

I want a vacay, and need a manicure... though I suppose they could both go in the "wants."

My advice for future TpT sellers - proofread everything!  Have others proofread.  Mistakes happen, but they are embarrassing.

Remember Farley's rule of 3!  Enjoy!!
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