Hello, Math Talk!

I've been MIA lately... Usually I avoid the three-letter descriptions, but I've been buried in them lately.  IEP, LEP, PEP, and (my favorite) EASi (pronounced "easy" - but it's incredibly complicated!)  I'll be back to the Struggling Readers in Grades 3-5 series soon, after I tie up a few loose ends.

One of those lose ends is my Math Training I've been attending this year.  It has been helpful in helping me understand the intricacies and common misconceptions in teaching 2nd grade math - fascinating stuff for a Lit. Geek like me.

I'm being observed for the next 2 days in math with my students engaging in Math Talk in small groups.  I whipped up this little math talk prompt card for students to use when asking questions, and thought I'd share.  Click the pic below for a free copy.  :)

For the record, I'm still loving the new laminator, and even laminated sets of these for my class and my math buddy's class, too!  For those of you with laminators, do you find yourself making spur-of-the-moment projects at home often?
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