Giveaway Week, Day 6 - Clipart!!!

Happy Saturday!!!  Feel free to skip ahead to the giveaway for the day... you won't hurt my feelings.  ;)  I thought I'd share my latest project: End of the Year Yearbooks!

In the last 14 years of teaching, I always make sure to have an End of the Year Yearbook for all of my students.  This way, all students get a memory book, even if they can't afford an official school yearbook.  It helps maintain the sense of community that I've worked so hard to foster all year.

Since schools always are going paperless at the end of the year to save $$, I had to make sure they could be copied back /back.  These memory books are super easy - print, copy, fold, staple... done!!  Click the pics to learn a bit more...  By the way, I'll automatically upload updated versions each Spring, so you'll be able to get "current" Memory Books with the purchase of just one memory book in the future.

A ton of amazingly talented teacher-bloggers are assisting me in a week of celebrations this week...  (Click on the button to visit past posts - be sure to enter the giveaways!!)

Day 6: Clip Art Grab Bag!

Click on each button to follow their blog/store, then enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Show the love - tell them I sent you!! By the way, I am incredibly jealous that all of you have a chance to win these amazing clipart collections!!!

Uneven Stripes Multicolor Frames from The Lower Elementary Cottage:
Winner's Choice (up to $10) from Zip-a-dee-doo-dah:
 Winner's Choice from The Hazel Owl:
Recess Rocks Playground Clip Art Set with Blacklines from The Library Fox:

Good luck!!

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