Keep Your Child Writing At Home (or on Vacation!)

We've been at the beach this week, and I thought I'd share a little tidbit that I use with my own children...
Credits: Mr. MagicianKG Fonts
For our beach trip, I made a whopping investment - at the Dollar Tree.  I purchased a 3-pack of Mini Composition books and gave 2 of them to my kiddos, along with some ball-point pens from the depths of my purse I picked specifically for them.  I told them it was their track-out notebook, for them to put anything they wanted to remember from their vacation.  Check it out:
You could decorate it... but I just gave my kiddos a pen.  They are so excited to write in pen.
My Kindergartner has a cold.  He thought it was important.  His sister wrote the sentence. 
He is learning to speak forcefully to get the dog's attention - thus, the yelling.
He found a cool leaf.  He taped it in, and wrote an L because leaf begins with L.  The line is for the rest of the letters.
This is the only page I've been allowed to read from my 5th grader's notebook, but it's pretty awesome.
 Best part?  We had one "extra" notebook.  My 5th grader decided to use it from the point of view of our new dog, Mavis.  Love, Love, Love.  :)
From the point of view of our pet, Mavis.
For a dollar, my kiddos have been drawing/writing/keeping a record of our family vacation, with very little help from me.  Cheap, easy, and fun!  And, it keeps them writing in an authentic way over the vacation. How do you encourage kiddos to write at home?
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