Bright Ideas - Reminder Bracelets!

Don't you just *love* these Bright Ideas?!?

Reminder Bracelets - Have you used these?  Seriously, I had a principal recommend them to me when I taught 3rd grade.  So fast, easy, and effective - and I use my leftover construction paper scraps, so it's even environment-friendly.

When I first started teaching, I called home about everything.  Really.  "Hello!  I'm Pumpkin's teacher.  Please send in..."  Ick.  What an awful impression that makes, especially around the beginning of the year.  Reminder bracelets are fast and free.

They aren't necessarily cute, but they really don't need to be.  Students don't particularly like to wear the construction-paper fashion statement, so I just make them while everyone is packing up. Viola!  The permission form/picture money/fund-raising/random paperwork gets returned.  I keep a little checklist to keep track of what the reminder bracelet is for, and record it neatly stuff it in my "communications" binder.

I use these all the time with grades 2-5.  Let me know what you think.  :)  For more bright ideas, please browse through the link-up below. Thanks for visiting!  For additional resources, consider following me on Pinterest and Facebook.  I appreciate your support!

by Jen Sykes
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