Students need a variety of practice to develop their context clues skills, build their vocabulary, and engage with words, but schools typically stop these experiences after 2nd grade. My upper elementary kiddos (and their teachers) love to Build a Mystery Word! 
Word Work for Big Kids Freebie alert! Need challenging and engaging activities for Upper Elementary students working on words? The Build A Mystery Word set is a great way to get your students actively manipulating letters to create new words while practicing context clues, dictionary skills, and boosting their vocabulary.

Inspire Students to Graduate!

There are many ways to inspire your students to graduate high school on time. I found that letting my elementary struggling students "see" the year they will graduate helped to cement the idea of finishing high school. I began sharing these posters years ago in response to a push in my district to decrease the dropout rate by keeping my kiddos focused on when they will graduate with a high school diploma!

Click to view the free set, perfect for grades K-8!

I hope it inspires your class as well. Includes posters for grades K-8, perfect for posting in the classroom, library, lunchroom, office, etc. Happy teaching, friends!

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