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Here's a chart I made to help my green beans remember basic expectations when Responding to Reading. Blog post from Hello Mrs Sykes.

Good morning, Sunshine!!  I hope you're off to have a fabulous day...  Here's a chart I made to help my green beans remember basic expectations when Responding to Reading.  Enjoy!!

This is a paid post sponsored by WeAreTeachers and fit4Schools. All opinions are my own. 

Not all students come to school ready to learn, so it becomes our job to help them get ready to learn. fit4Schools is a free resource for teachers, caregivers, and parents to help kids learn about keeping fit!
Healthy choices and academic success go hand-in-hand. Use the free tools from fit4Schools to help your students make healthy choices while you address national standards. My class loves @fit4Schools!

What is fit4Schools?

fit4Schools is a collaborative project from Sanford Health and WebMD. Their mission is to empower children to do the simple things every day that make healthy lifestyle choices a habit.
Students need a variety of practice to develop their context clues skills, build their vocabulary, and engage with words, but schools typically stop these experiences after 2nd grade. My upper elementary kiddos (and their teachers) love to Build a Mystery Word! 
Word Work for Big Kids Freebie alert! Need challenging and engaging activities for Upper Elementary students working on words? The Build A Mystery Word set is a great way to get your students actively manipulating letters to create new words while practicing context clues, dictionary skills, and boosting their vocabulary.

All grades 3-5 Graphic Organizers for Literature and Informational Text standards have been updated! They are ink-friendly and have both lined and unlined versions to allow differentiation. If you already own these, please download the new versions for a ton of new graphic organizers in addition to the update!

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Need a fun and fast way to boost your students' vocabulary? Here's a Mystery Word of the Week free download (from my Teachers Pay Teachers store)  you can print and use today! Enjoy!

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I love the discussions I have with students about our military. I am married to an Army son, and the military communities in NC are pretty amazing.

If you need a fast word work activity for November 11, click the link to download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Enjoy! 🇺🇸

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